Active Ageing

We are all terrified of the ageing monster and what distortions he will inflict on our wise bodies and souls! My quest is to slay the ageing demon and discover the fountain of youth – through Pilates! This is a little chat with myself about […]

Eat your Way slim with Rocco Sorace

Today I am talking with Rocco Sorace! Rocco is a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, author and cook. I know you are going to love this little listen. Click the play button and give it 5 secs to load up!   Rocco has made 5 […]

Pilates Pregnancy

Prenatal Pilates – Pilates for pregnancy Pregnancy and body image. The body goes through such dramatic changes during pregnancy with weight gain, mood swings, and rapidly changing hormones. It can feel really uncomfortable as the body changes to accommodate the growing baby. The rib cage […]

Makarlu with Carla Mullins

In this podcast I talk to Carla Mullins about the Makarlu and how this will help to accelerate your Pilates practice! The doctors said that Michael probably won’t be surfing for at least two years. If you knew Michael, this was not going to happen. […]

Hanging out with Jo Stewart

In this little podcast I talk to Jo Stewart about Yoga, Pilates, and Aerial Yoga/Pilates. We discuss the creative process of designing and delivering a movement class, her new studio Garden of Yoga, and core philosophy. As well as her podcast Flow Artists and her […]