22 Secrets to becoming an awesome Pilates instructor 

I have had a few new Pilates Instructors observing me in the studio recently and I wrote this little blog to help them in becoming an awesome Pilates instructor. Here are 22 secrets to doing just that!

  1. Eye contact. Look into your clients eyes. Understand their story. We are so rushed in our day. It is so nice to actually connect and reach someone’s gaze and ask them how their body is feeling today. Sometimes you get a little more information through their eyes than what they actually say with words. It is more important than ever to connect with others in this age of digital communication and face masks, and eye contact is an essential ingredient to authentic communication.
  2. Focus on providing an awesome service for your clients. Nothing replaces a human connection, and that is what Pilates instructors are best at: connecting with other humans. Connect with your clients. Genuinely have concern for them. Be interested in their story. How they came to you and why, and from there, serve them.
  3. Use platforms available to you to promote your personal Pilates message. What Pilates means to you. How it has helped you and how you have seen it help others. Talk about your Pilates journey. Ask for your client’s support and feedback on these platforms.

    Taube Pilates Facebook
    Taube Pilates Reviews on Facebook
  4. Speak from your heart. Trust yourself. From time to time allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  5. Have good manners. Say please and thank you. “10 leg circles in both directions please.” Or “Thank you for using the hand sanitiser.” You get better results with good manners.
  6. Be yourself, and be your best self. Smile.

    Taube Pilates Breathing with twist
    Taube Pilates Breathing with twist
  7. Know your clients concerns, do your homework and prepare your session. If they have a sore neck, make sure you include your head nod and rolls and shoulder drops and perhaps avoid overhead arm exercises.
  8. Do a class in another studio and notice what you liked and didn’t like about your experience. You are welcome to come to my studio for a sessions!
  9. Be concise with your corrections. Keep it simple. Don’t over cue. Three cues or corrections are usually plenty.
  10. Remember to speak slowly – don’t rush your words.
  11. Have fun! Be in the moment. Pilates should be fun. I see it as a playground for adults. Especially all the hanging work on the Cadillac. Remember: don’t take yourself too seriously.

    Taube Pilates Walkover
    Taube Pilates Walkover
  12. Watch your own posture. Be a posture role model for your clients! Try some power-poses before your classes start to get you in the mood for being not just the role model but the hero for your clients.
  13. Any pathologies your clients have that you don’t understand or medical terms – google them! Prepare as best you can!
  14. Dress the part. I know I feel like a million dollars when I have spent time grooming my hair and make-up and wearing flattering leggings and sports tops and jackets in fun colours.
  15. Learn the things you don’t know! Keep up with your Professional Development. Even if you think you know everything. Do some more Professional Development. 
  16. Find a Pilates mentor. Do classes with them. Hell! Pay for coaching with them!
  17. Send thank you notes to your clients. Also thank people for their referrals.
  18. Be sincere when you praise your clients for their progress and improvement in form.
  19. Remind your clients of their goals. Let them know how you can help them reach those goals.
  20. Take photos with your clients and put them onto your social media.

    Taube Pilates Instagram
    Taube Pilates Instagram
  21. Listen to your clients and let them know you care. Show an interest. In who they are and make them feel comfortable. Put them at ease.
  22. Be optimistic with your clients. Choose to see the positive side of things. Of everything. Make your clients feel good about themselves and encourage a positive body image.


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