Active Ageing

We are all terrified of the ageing monster and what distortions he will inflict on our wise bodies and souls!

My quest is to slay the ageing demon and discover the fountain of youth – through Pilates!

This is a little chat with myself about the Ageing process and what we can to to slow that process down.

I see Pilates as an essential part of the healing process and health care where there are gaps between hospital procedures such as hip replacement, rehab and prehab where people often are not supported in a crucial time.

The benefit to older adults also is incredible in terms of fall prevention, building bone density and safe exercise. The human contact offers so much more in terms of health and wellbeing.

The social aspect of doing a Pilates class and the endorphins released when exercising keeps people young. This is a key ingredient for mental health and keeping depression at bay as we age.

I love how Pilates can assist with neuroplasticity, and confidence. I can really see the benefits of keeping the mind supple with some particular clients. By gradually introducing new movement experiences, new neural pathways are triggered and this helps with keeping the mind working as well as the muscles. This type of neuroplasticity is essential to keep the ageing process at bay. It is imperative to keep your Active Ageing programs changing and challenging to improve the mind as well as the body. Explore new ideas for exercises to keep the mind stimulated and supple.

If we can keep our Active Ageing friends, family and clients from falling and hospitalisation from injury related falls, then the world will be a better and happier place. Pilates can help with functional movement, improve reaction time, and assist with falls prevention.

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