The Spine Corrector actually supports the upper back and pelvis, making this an easier version of the Single Leg Stretch, taking stress out of the neck and shoulders and supporting the spine in the flexed position. The step or lip of the Spine Corrector provides support for the pelvis, assisting to keep the pelvis stable and reduce load through the spine.

I love this variation of the Single Leg Stretch! 

Sit on the step or front lip of the Spine Corrector. Lean back on the arc, you might need to wiggle your pelvis so it rests on the step or lip of the spine corrector. Stretch one leg out in the single leg stretch. 

Reach one hand to the opposite knee, and the other hand reaches towards the ankle. Use the exhale to change legs. Deepen the abdominals with each change. 

The Single Leg Stretch on the Spine Corrector works your core, improves co-ordination, and supports you so that you can progress to more challenging variations. it is a modified exercise so that it makes the Single Leg Stretch a little easier. Plus it is also fun! You can see in the video how one participant is doing the single leg stretch on the Chair. This is far more challenging as there is no support for the upper back or pelvis and there is much more load through the abdominals.

I am always trying to find ways to regress exercises so that they are more achievable for the average person, and this one really ticks the box!

Make sure you set yourself on the step of the spine Corrector and the Arc is supporting your mid-back. As you move through the exercise you should be able to see your knees tracking evenly on both sides. Make sure you extend the leg fully pulling the knee cap up. This helps to track the knee joint creating more strength and stability for the knees!

To start with the breathing, use an exhale for each switch, then progress to two exhales and two inhales with each change. So exhale to stretch one leg out, exhale again to change legs, inhale to change and inhale to change legs again. Play with the rhythm of the breath. As another variation, try holding the shape and focusing on breathing and deepening the abdominals with each exhale, holding the shape for three or four full breaths before changing to the other leg.

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