Hanging out with Jo Stewart

In this little podcast I talk to Jo Stewart about Yoga, Pilates, and Aerial Yoga/Pilates.

We discuss the creative process of designing and delivering a movement class, her new studio Garden of Yoga, and core philosophy. As well as her podcast Flow Artists and her business buddy and life partner Rane Bowen who has overcome stomach cancer.

Photo credit: Danielle Lara Woolley https://instagram.com/this.wild.soul

“I think my core thing would be be on your own team…… If we put a lot of energy into being down on ourselves, or being negative or thinking about all the things we don’t like about ourselves it totally saps our energy to make any changes. I think just cultivating self acceptance and self love is super powerful. If there are things about your life you are not happy with, rather than just being really self critical and negative about it, put that energy into making changes, but don’t put a lot of energy into putting yourself down while you are doing that. I think that just makes everything harder if you are not on your own team.”

Photo credit: Danielle Lara Woolley https://instagram.com/this.wild.soul

“If there was a friend in your life who was going through hard times, how would you speak to them? You would be encouraging. You would try and make them feel better so they have the energy to get out of that hole.”

Photo credit: Danielle Lara Woolley https://instagram.com/this.wild.soul

“I have a lot of clients who come in as well who have a negative body image who are coming to me for a weight loss reason, or they want to change things in their bodies, and I want to teach them (in a way) that they can work on their goals because that is what they are here for, but also to feel really good about the body they have now, and who they are today, that the practice is just as much about feeling good, as it is about making any physical changes.”

“When you feel really good about yourself and value yourself; that is when you make better health choices anyway. I don’t think anyone makes good choices if they don’t like themselves.”

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