What to wear to Pilates class (Pilates attire)

What to wear to Pilates class (Pilates attire)

1. Your Pilates workout clothes should allow you to MOVE freely.  Look for materials that have some extra stretch in them so you don’t feel restricted, especially at the crouch!  Make sure they are the right size, too small and you may get the very unflattering and uncomfortable camel toe.

2. Spend a bit more on your track suitpants.  You will look and feel good and you can wear for a RELAXED STYLE.

3. Although I do love the look and feel of designer tracksuit pants, Pilates is best done in LEGGINGS.  This allows the instructor to see the line of the leg, and the extra fabric in tracksuit bottoms doesn’t get caught up with small props or springs.

4. It may seem silly to SPLASH OUT on expensive work out gear that you are just going to sweat in anyway, it is worth it.

  • a. It makes you feel good and look good and motivated to work out.  There are some styles of legging that actually work like a corset for the entire leg and give a streamlined and toned look.
  • b.  It will give you extra support and range of movement where you need it.  My favourites are Lorna Jane for leggings, jeggings, and jackets, and Lululemon for tops with built in support.  Find the nearest Lululemon factory warehouse outlet for discount prices.

5. Joseph Pilates believed that people should work out just in shorts to ALLOW THE SKIN TO BREATHE….  now with high tech wicking fabrics the skin can breath and sweat marks are minimized making your workout seem effortless!

6.Avoid wearing pants with zippers as they can leave scratch marks on the surface of the equipment.

7. Wear COLOURS that flatter and energise.  Black can be slimming, but red and bright colours give a vibrant energy that makes you feel like moving!

8. MODESTY in the studio is preferred – avoid tiny crop tops and very short shorts….

9. Have at least two fabulous gym outfits that FLATTER YOUR FIGURE and make you feel good.  You want to have extra incentive to show off you sleek, chic look.

10.Avoid long necklaces that just get caught on the chin when doing roll downs and opt for sud earrings instead.  If you want to wear accessories, brighten up your outfit with COLOURFUL HAIR TIES or hair bands.  This looks good and also keeps your hair out of your face and the springs.

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