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Taube Pilates Testimonials

“Louise is an amazing teacher who combines being very knowledgeable and disciplined with lots of encouragement and support. She makes Pilates very accessible – I was a Pilates novice when I first came – and is so attuned to your progress to ensure you continue to be challenged. Every minute of a session is put to good use – and Louise makes your sessions count beyond the studio with help and support on exercises at home, posture, how to sit at work etc. My sessions are always so welcome – this is the best and nicest place to do Pilates in Melbourne!”

Olivia Brown


“Dear Louise, A big thank-you for being my pelvic floor conscience during my pregnancy. I have to say I think the Pilates I did really helped in labour, mentally and physically. I imagined opening up my pelvic floor like you had me working on, and I was able, although on an epidural, to push really effectively with awareness of my pelvic floor muscles. A big plus was no tearing!! The Pilates has also I think really helped with recovery.

Kathy (solicitor)


“I have been inspired. I will never get bored using both apparatus again. I’m impressed with the DVD thanks.”

Luana Popovic – Pilates Instructor – Ring and Roller Workshop


“It has give me a lot of extra ideas to add variety and refine my technique – I feel like I have learnt a lot. I really enjoy your teaching, and appreciate all your skill at fine-tuning position and muscle activation, so know I have a lot to learn from you. I loved your workshop and felt inspired. I have put some of the exercises to use already, and my clients are enjoying them.”

Kerry McLoughlin – Physiotherapist – Ring and Roller Workshop


TESTIMONIALS FOR STUDIO ONE:  “This course has an in depth content that allows you to work with beginners through to advanced clientele. It offers small-personalized groups where you experience all exercises on the equipment. This direct experience under the guidance of the instructor is invaluable.”

Nicky Davidson

“What a fantastic course providing a good repertoire for studio Pilates. I even landed a job with a Pilates studio whilst still studying with Louise and already teach 8 classes a week!”

Abbie Sherwood


“I participated in Louise Taube Studio Pilates course between July 2 and 24 Sept 2010 in which time the course covered a wide range of subject matters pertaining to structure, physiology, cueing and teaching in a studio environment. I have learned so much and gained a lot of deeper knowledge that will assist me greatly in my Pilates teaching. The course was well planned and put together. I also participated in Louise’s Ring and Roller workshop which was fantastic and where I met a future employer – so anything is possible! I would recommend Louise’s courses to anyone who wanted amore through and deeper understanding of teaching Pilates in a Studio environment.”

Lesley Pemberton-Burden


“Louise is really thorough, patient and absolutely sweet! I think she does a great job.”

Andres Villamizar


“Louise is an awesome instructor – her technical expertise, clear instructions and gentle cueing all help when doing Pilates exercises. She regularly looks for biofeedback and very effectively corrects form.”

Louise Berns


“Louise Taube is like a mentor to me! Her vast knowledge and teaching expertise has sky rocketed my confidence in-group reformer teaching. I highly recommend her teacher training courses to help broaden your repertoire and teaching skills.”

Pia De Pasquale (Pilates Instructor, MSAC)


“I enjoy that the program is custom made to my needs. My neck, when working long hours at the computer is less sore, and I slouch less in the chair. I feel taller and have less pain. I can recommend it to other people with chronic pains. It makes a big difference.”

Simone Pakin

“During this pregnancy I have not experienced painful ‘growth pains’ or pain in the groin area. I will certainly keep this up and continue to enjoy Pilates after having my next child. The physical feeling is not one of ‘extreme exhaustion’ but rather one of quality muscle strengthening and improved flexibility. Highly recommended.”

Helen Slattery

“I enjoy Louise’s calm and assured manner of communicating, her detailed knowledge and confidence, and her ability to foster a positive feel in the class.”

Nina Karol

“Louise is very thorough, and focuses on perfecting technique to help me improve each session. She gives good feedback.”

Marissa Black

“Louise is very personable and a very good instructor. I trust her totally.”

Fiona Tonagh

“I enjoy the variety in Louise classes. I enjoy the fluidness – how she flows one exercise into another with no breaks – which works best for Pilates.”

Lauren Boale

“Creates harmony in the body. Pilates aids in strengthening and lengthening the muscles, helps understanding physical imbalances and the ways to correct them. I like the idea of Pilates because it involves both strengthening and stretching the body. I like the idea of having a lean and long body. At the same time Pilates allows you to have nice tone and flexibilit.”

Asaf (level one mat work participant)

“Louise is very good at identifying error and correcting it – I always feel like I am doing things correctly under her instruction.”

Anita McCarthy

“Louise always keeps a check on how I am progressing and a very close eye on how I am performing the exercises so that I get the best out of it.”

Nayantara Munas

“Louise gives great individual attention – she gives very straightforward advice, and is sensitive to limitations of each individual.”

Joanne Croucher

Louise pushes me harder, makes sure I am doing the exercises correctly. She is also a fun and happy person which makes the sessions enjoyable.

Claire Curry

Louise focuses on the student’s requirements and goals, and what they want to achieve. She is very experienced and patient. In short she is an excellent instructress.

Vinitha Lalvani

Louise gives a diversity of exercises – each session is always different. She always gets results with the exercise. She is a really good motivator. I have grown 2cm since doing Pilates!

Meg Bumpstead

Louise ensures I am concentrating and getting the most out of the sessions. She has a sense of humor and is positive and encouraging which makes the sessions enjoyable.

Sue Bumpstead

I have great admiration for your Pilates skills, and for your gentle, professional manner within the studio.

Marie Knight (Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor)