Taube PIlates - kneeling ballet stretches


What should I expect from a Pilates session?

You know when you have had a great session when you feel as though your body has been massaged from the inside out. You feel refreshed and invigorated.


What can I expect from Pilates?

As you become more proficient in the Pilates method you will acquire greater efficiency of movement throughout your day. You will feel better as your muscles work more efficiently, and look better as you gain strength and length to your muscle structure – your posture will improve. With these changes your sense of self improves.

How often should I practice Pilates?

If you can, practice Pilates four times per week for maximum benefit. This could be a combination of private, trio and at home practice. This will help you move gracefully through your day and give you the body the shape, tone, and feel you desire.


“Since coming to Taube Pilates I have fewer problems with lower back strain and seem to have better posture and less knee pain. I would recommend Taube Pilates as it helps to prevent back strain.“

Louise Bradley