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Taube Pilates Offers

  • Private sessions – one to one (or duos) booked at a time that suits you.
  • Private webcam/pilatescam sessions – for times when you are out of town.
  • Trio sessions – book in for scheduled pilates classes on the timetable with two other students.
  • Personalised DVDs – involves filming you doing a session, taught by Louise Taube, and putting it on a DVD for you to practice with at home

All students of Taube Pilates are required to sign up for an initial one on one consultation. Please click here to book in an initial session or call Louise now on 0413 882 726.

For studio bookings of private or trio sessions please click here.

“I choose Taube Pilates because seemed friendly, not intimidating like a big gym and very personalised. It helps with mind body and mind. I have become stronger and more flexible. Each session allows me to concentrate on myself rather than work. I like having a good chat with you and the other attendees. And now I am addicted. I intend to do Pilates for the rest of my life. I have recommended it to others to complement their other exercise, to improve their core strength and flexibility. I have also said how the sessions are tailored and regularly refreshed. I like the technical aspects of Pilates.“

Sarah C

Initial consultation

When you have your initial consultation, we take the time to get to know you and your body and what it craves for optimum function, form and fitness. We get to know what your body has been through, your motivations, short and long-term goals. Through your initial consultation we design a personalised program to help you achieve success. Our mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive environment. We are committed to serving you with the highest level of customer service possible. Whether you are having a baby, a mum looking to get in shape after having a baby, a busy professional, retired and wanting to keep up with the grandkids, a marathon runner training for your next race, or a celebrity training for your next film or theatre show, we have more that 14 years of experience creating personalised Pilates programs that get results.

Private pilates sessions

The most effective way to master the Pilates method is to work with an instructor one on one. You will understand and fine tune the technique more fully. You will execute the exercises correctly with the guidance of your instructor and gain the maximum benefit from each exercise.

Private pilatescam sessions – for times when you are out of town

Taube Pilates now offers pilatescam sessions for those that are on the move and who want to maintain shape while away on holiday or business, interstate or overseas. Taube Pilates not only provides an individualized pilates regime but also motivation so that you don’t lose condition while away – even getting stronger and more flexible! One pilatescam session is the same cost of a private pilates session.

Trio sessions

Enjoy sharing a studio session with just two others. A maximum of three in each session ensures you fine-tuning your technique. Each session will take you through a progression of exercises to challenge you, improve your strength and streamline your body. Most studios have a maximum of 4 in a semi-private or group studio session. Here at Taube Pilates we only have a maximun of 3. We believe that quality is lost with 4 in a session, and you are more likely to become injured due to lack of supervision. You may also not be performing the exercises correctly and lose the benefits of the moves due to poor technique and lack of attention to detail.

You are welcome to book in to a trio session as an individual and we will pair you with two others participating in the class. Alternatively we are happy to organise trio sessions for you and two friends or family members. Please click here to contact us if you have any questions.



  • Heart Pilates for cardio conditioning
  • Prenatal and postnatal Pilates for clients
  • Pilates for dancers, athletes, runners, and body builders
  • Pilates for pains; neck and shoulder girdle, knee, lower back, & hip replacements
  • Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Pilates for men

What is unique about Taube Pilates studio programming is that your exercise routine is designed and documented after your initial consultation and further developed and refined at every session thereafter to reflect your progress. We take notes on what you have achieved and are still to master, the optimal spring tension for each exercise and what tips and tricks we have employed to help you get the best out of every move you make in the studio. We even take notes of favourite exercises, must do’s, music preferences, and room temperature so that everything is designed to your requirements. Some clients even specially request to work on the Caddie in the sunshine! It is all written down do that your time at Taube Pilates is all about you.

Taube Pilates programs work in blocks of 10 sessions at a time. Your initial program is put together with a block of 10 and progress is carefully assessed throughout. Your program then changes after 10 sessions so that you are constantly challenged and never bored of your routine. You will love how you progress with the Pilates technique using this innovative and sound method of program design.


Cancellation policy 

Louise Taube Pilates is getting more and more popular! Sessions are booking out in advance and I now have waitlists for the more popular session times. To ensure you continue to receive individual attention, and your favourite session time, it is now essential that you book in advance. At the same time, it is also important to give as much advance notice as possible if you cannot attend a booked session, so that I may then offer your space to a waitlisted client.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

24 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise a full session fee will apply.