About Pilates

taube pilates side lying leg straps
Eat your heart out Jane Fonda!

About Pilates

A method of conditioning, that aims to achieve overall symmetry and balance within the body.

Pilates Principles

Breathing, Concentration, Centring, Control, Precision, Flowing movement

The Pilates Method

Working from the inside out, Pilates exercises initiate from the pelvic floor and the transversus abdominis engaging. The transversus abdominis is the deepest layer of abdominal muscles, it wraps around your torso like your own internal corset. By engaging the transversus during each exercise you will strengthen your centre as well as develop a flatter structure to your abdominal muscles. Pilates works all the muscles in the body without overloading the joints.

Using mat-work exercise with small props like the Pilates ball, plus equipment such as the cadillac, the Pilates chair and the Pilates reformer that work against spring-loaded resistance; your body will be streamlined, strengthened and stretched like never before.

Pilates is used for injury prevention, rehabilitation, to accelerate technique and performance in dance and sport, prenatal and postnatal conditioning, for osteoporosis and building of bone density, general conditioning and well-being. It is for all stages of your life and fitness level. For best results a minimum of two sessions a week will ensure that your body gains strength and you will improve.

“I chose Taube Pilates because it was an independent and modern Pilates studio, keeps you fit, body movement without rigidity and I liked the online visuals and photographs used to promote the studio. Taube Pilates has helped me to understand movement, body image, alignment and fitness better. I would recommend Taube Pilates because some studios you can go to practice Pilates and you walk out feeling like you didn’t actually get to move your body, didn’t get to work up a bit of sweat, and it becomes so ridged it is no longer fun. I liked Taube Pilates as I actually got to move my body, and it was a fun environment that was focussed on alignment and spinal health, but you also got to get out of your head and just move your body and enjoy the benefits that came with that.

Tahlia Campbell