Side lying series of six- stabilising muscles

Test your core stabilising muscles while working your thighs glutes and core.

side_lying series

This series of exercises is designed to strengthen the sides of the body, especially the adductors, glutes and the oblique abdominals. If you really want to target glute medius and take focus off you hip flexor, rock the top hip slightly forward of the underneath hip, so not perfectly stacked but rolling forward a little.

Start position

Lie on your left side with your left should flex. Rest your left ear along your right arm. Place your right hand on the floor in front to assist in stabilising the shoulder girdle. Imagine your spine becoming longer.

Side kick

Exhale to prepare keeping top leg long and lifted, inhale to swing leg forward in space flexing hip. Exhale to swing leg back extending hip. Repeat x six


Imagine now you are riding a bicycle, exhale to reach the leg back into hip extension and inhale to bend the knee flexing the hip to bringing the leg forward, extend the knee  repeat the sequence exhaling as you reach back.

Hot potato

Tap the toe three times to the floor in front of the centre line with an exhale, arc the leg through space with an inhale, and tap the foot three times back of the centre line with your next exhale. Repeat this cycle six times.

Bottom crunch

Inhale to flex hip swinging leg forward, exhale to lift leg abducting hip, inhale to float down, exhale to extend hip to start position.

Forward drops

Inhale to prepare flexing hip forward, exhale to lift leg abducting hip, adduct hip with inhale. Repeat 12 times and then return to start.


Inhale to swing the leg forward flexing hip, exhale to circle the leg back, inhale to continue circling the leg back around. Repeat 6 circles in each direction.

Target muscles

Glute min and medius, obliques to stabilise the rib cage and pelvis, transverses to compress the abdomin and to help stabilise the lumbo-pelvic region, pelvic floor to help fire the transversus, meaning, toned thighs, tight abs, hot hips, an hourglass waist and a more stable pelvis. Beautiful and functional.

See if you can do the entire series on one side and then the other!

Remember to get the most out of your Pilates sessions you must come to the studio twice per week and practice two more times at home.

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