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Taube Pilates ReformerThe Inspiring Pilates Reformer certificate is designed for all dedicated Pilates and well-being practitioners.

Personal trainers, group exercise instructors, dance, yoga, and Tai Chi, Feldenkrais ® and the Alexander ® Technique practitioners are also welcome to do the Inspiring Pilates Reformer certificate. If you have been attending Pilates reformer classes for the last three years and now want to take the next step do it now!
This Pilates Reformer certificate will enable you to incorporate Taube Pilates-evolved exercises and philosophies into your teaching practice. Program design and exercise sequencing are addressed for group formats and one-on-one training. Theory and practice of Taube Pilates positive learning experiences, and teaching techniques are applied to each exercise. Verbal, visual imagery and tactile cueing are incorporated to make you an instructor of excellence.
The Inspiring Pilates Reformer certificate
Duration: 100 hours  (24 contact hours, 33 self mastery, 33 teaching practice, 10 observation)
Price: $1675 (includes manuals, 1 private and three trio sessions at Taube Pilates)
Dates:  July   31 August 7, 14, 21, 28

Time: 1pm – 7:30pm

Venue: 91 Brighton Road Elwood VIC 3184
For most participants, Movement Analysis: a new perspective on Pilates Anatomy  is a requirement to commencing the Inspiring Reformer certificate
Elegant classical repertoire included as well as expressive contemporary moves to please all classes and clients.


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