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personalized pilates dvdDo you want to continue your program outside of the studio?

If you desire a more comprehensive home program then a PERSONALISED PILATES DVD is the only way to go! Your one of a kind DVD focuses on exercises to help you achieve YOUR goals; addressing your body issues and taking into account your injuries and alignment needs.

A personalised DVD is a fantastic tool for students of Pilates as the DVD revises repertoire and give specific corrections and teaching tools so you develop into the best teacher you can be.

Request a Personalized DVD as part of your program.


  1. Encourage you to exercise at home, so you can make exercise a part of your daily routine – a healthy daily habit.
  2. Rapidly develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility as you dedicate a small part of each day to exercise.
  3. Develop strength and tone safely and to your specific needs and desires.
  4. Be guided by the DVD corrections and cues specific to how you move and where you need to place your awareness.
  5. Feel the wonderful rewards of exercising safely on a daily basis guided by your personalized DVD.

Specific exercises and modifications are included to carefully meet individual needs. Personalized Pilates DVD by appointment only. Cost: $99 for 30 minute DVD. Personalised Pilates DVD’s are an excellent choice for student teachers as a training tool. Improve your technique and revise exercises on the trap table, reformer, chair, high barrel and spine corrector!

On the day of your shoot: wear fitted clothes of a mid tone colour without stripes, eg any block colour except pure white or black. Practice with your DVD when not coming to the studio. See the results as you become stronger, leaner and more flexible. Upgrade your DVD as your technique improves to further challenge your strength, core control and endurance!!!


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