Pilates Intention

What is your intention when you do Pilates?

When I teach Pilates and do Pilates here are a few things that are important to me…

  • To raise awareness of alignment and posture and to find methods of adjustments for exercises that are unique to my posture, or when teaching others, their posture.
  • To stay in the moment, to feel the movement and connect back to the body. How your body feels today at this moment right now.
  • To work with control, and at a level that control can be maintained without compromising the integrity of the movement.
  • To raise awareness of faulty movement patterns and postures and to improve these.
  • To remember to breathe! Breathing deep to the lower lobes of the lungs for better exchange of gasses, allowing for optimal oxygenation of the muscles and the mind.
  • To be able to focus the mind and muscles completely on the movements to gain maximum benefit of each unique move.
  • To maintain calm and considered breathing especially in challenging situations within the Pilates class and outside of class as well.
  • To enjoy the movement 🙂

Please let me know what is important to you?

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