Pilates for Knees – first live session!

Taube Pilates Live – Pilates for knees.

Welcome to Pilates for Knees! This is the first live session of ten for Pilates enthusiasts or pros, who want to improve their technique, or help others with theirs. Have you ever hurt your knee? What did you do about it? How do you maintain your knee stability?

I will give you tips and tricks to improve the strength and stability of the knee, and also discuss different Pilates applications.


Six tips to stabilize a dodgy knee

  1. Smiling Knees without hyperextending (show picture in book)
  2. Work with support. Use a pillow, rolled up towel or half roller under the knee joint.
  3. Work isometrically all the muscles that cross over the knee joint.
  4. Create more synovial fluid in the joint by mobilizing the knee into flexion and extension.
  5. Stabilize the pelvis.
  6. Release fascia



1.Smiling knees

2.Work with support

  • Support the knee joint and extend the knee and lift


3.Isometric work –

  • Press front
  • Press back
  • 101010
  • Leg lifts flexing and pointing the foot
  • Adductor squeeze + stretched leg
  • 90/90? Half curls, oblique curls – keep pelvis stable
  • Donkey standing with bent knee and then straight leg
  • Calf raisers (calve stretching and strength work is very importance to maintenance of knees and often neglected)


4.Create more synovial fluid in the knee – this is especially good for arthritis. Focus on the alignment of the leg.

  • Single leg stretch
  • Double leg stretch
  • CX
  • Donkey kick


5.Stabilize the Pelvis

  • Knee drops, floats, stirs
  • Single leg circle
  • Side Lying – Hip extension up and back
  • Side Lying – Clams back prop up on elbow
  • Spine twist with lateral flexion


6. Release the fascia

  • Hamstring stretch
  • Glute stretch sitting
  • ITB roll
  • Foot roll


Please let me know if you have any other suggestions!


The next session will be on the topic of the pelvic floor. If you like this live stream, make sure you follow Taube Pilates on FaceBook so that you don’t miss the next broadcast.

Also, after these 10 sessions are up, please let me know if I should continue with these live sessions. Perhaps once a month? Tell me what you would like to see or learn about. Tell me how can I help you!


This is the video of the first live session. I was so nervous and the video was really poor quality! I have edited the live feed down a little so it is just watchable. Hopefully the next one will be better!

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