Louise Taube

1. What was your first experience of Pilates? My first experience of Pilates was at dance school. My first teaching experience was when a girlfriend called me up and asked me to cover her Pilates mat classes for a month. I had not done any courses and was like “ummmm ok”. I loved teaching Pilates so much that as soon as the opportunity came up I did my first official course: Reformer. I have done so many more since this time.

2. What attracted you to pursuing training and a career in the Pilates Industry? I love helping other people. I love seeing bodies get stronger and minds rejuvenate with the help of exercise. I love the feeling of the exercises on my own body. It is so clean and kind to the body when done precisely.

3. What are the greatest benefits that you have personally experienced during your exposure to Pilates?

Pilates has given me a stronger body, a more youthful posture and outlook on life, it has given me the opportunity to be creative within the structure of the equipment and exercises. It has given me the ability to support myself and to grow as a person. I have learned compassion, how to deliver an effective workout and how to be a successful businesswoman – all through Pilates!

4. Do you have a favourite exercise?

Standing cat variations with the PTB on the Caddie. Am putting up a clip on YouTube soon so you can practice with me! Keep an eye out!

5. Do you have any interests outside Pilates, do you have a life!

I love spending time in the Garden – watching how plants respond to a little bit of TLC and the beauty they then give you – a bit like people really. I enjoy spending time with my cat Jessie as she makes me laugh when she chases shadows and reflections. I love living in St Kilda East with the eclectic culture of Carlisle St. I adore spending time with my nieces and nephews and doing fun activities with them – my oldest niece is coming for a visit in April and we are going jungle surfing in the Dandenongs! Can’t wait! My parents are visiting next week and we are going to check out some wineries in Red Hill.

6. What music are you listening to at the moment?

I love the app Pandora. I just select my favourite artists and music style and it plays related tracks! I love it! At the moment my favourite artists are: Bon Iver, Gotye, Jose Gonzalez, and Florence + The Machine. I am currently addicted to the song by the Jungle Giants called ‘Skin to Bone’. Download the free App Pandora and play it now – you will truly feel like moving all your bones to this awesome track.

7. What are you most passionate about? The environment. I try to recycle everything I. I have a worm farm and compost heap and also make mulch for the garden from branch trimmings. All my accounting is done on line through Xero with receipts documented through Receipt Bank, so there is minimal printing of invoices, receipts and forms. I use Chimpmail for my newsletter so that I am not adding to toxic chemicals to the environment by printing and saving trees by using less paper. I am aiming to have all client information forms on line as well and would like to encourage you to do the same! When cleaning I use home made cleaners based on pure soap – the best germ killer and much kinder than toxic chemicals. For gifts I prefer to give experiences like movies, rock climbing or scuba diving rather than paper wrapped plastic presents that get chucked out after a year adding to land fill. I am still waiting for a Reformer to be made of recycled materials…

8. Any unfulfilled ambition?

Never got to be a mum. Damn! Can’t believe I forgot to find a man and have a baby! Should have put that one on the ‘to do’ list.

9. What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

I am turning 44 on the 7th of October – flowers and virtual cards please!

10. One word other people might use to describe you?


11. Describe an ideal night out. Dinner and New Zealand SB out with loved ones eating fresh seafood: makes me feel alive and a little bit like a mermaid.

12. Most insane thing you have ever done? Flew to New York about a week after September 11 plane crashes…. I got into a course at the New York Film Academy and had funding to go. I wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity! Must have put my parents through hell with worry.

13. Best advice you can give to fellow Pilates practitioners? Keep up your own self-mastery – this is what you got into Pilates for and it is what will keep you inspired and growing into being the best Pilates practitioner and person you can be – and your teaching will improve out of sight also!

14. How do you stay in shape? I practice Pilates three times a week!

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