Lesley Logan – Profitable Pilates – Youtuber

Here is a little interview with YouTube Lesley Logan from Profitable Pilates! I love her clear and concise teaching style. I also love how she can do a teaser on the reformer and smile!

Lesley, Who are the people that watch your channel?

That’s a great question. I find that it is mostly Pilates instructors who watch my channel. However, I have heard from a few people who have a reformer at home.

Who do you aspire to on YouTube?

As someone who has mentors and role models in most areas of my life I do not have one on YouTube. I am really enjoying doing it as I am inspired to do it. I don’t want to get myself into a comparison or potentially be influenced by what someone else is rocking. But, in my Pilates life I aspire to be like Sandy Shimoda of Vintage Pilates the amazing Kathy Stanford Grant and a few other Pilates instructors that bring a smile to my face whenever I hear their voice or see their face.

What advice would you give to other starting a YouTube channel?

Be yourself! It’s so much easier to show up each time you film when you are just being you. Talk about what you know. Do not stress about perfection. Honestly, there are many videos that are not my best version of the exercise. On that day that’s where my body was and my strength was. Be consistent and try not to be everything to everyone. If you are trying to speak to everyone you end of speaking to no one.

What are your goals with YouTube?

To connect with the Pilates community in another way! I’m on Facebook and my website is always pumping out content. But, YouTube allows me to be “live” and show exercises in a way that I cannot always do in writing.

Where do you film? I mostly film at Westwood Pilates (westwoodpilates.com) It is a classical studio and my friends own it. They recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary. I am so grateful for their space!

Where is your audience based? The recent stats show my major viewers are in the US, Brazil, Poland, Portugal and South Korea!

Do you use music? If so, where do you source your music from?

I don’t use music in my YouTube video’s due to sound quality. I have been trying to get a blue tooth microphone to allow for better sound control. When I taught group fitness I used to use music as a background to help fill the space. I used Spotify because I love how you could pick a “mood” for your playlist.

Why did you start your YouTube channel?

My husband thought it would be a brilliant idea! I thought it would be fun to do, we film together and he gets to see what Pilates is all about. I found that it really has helped me in presenting workshops, doing interviews and filming other projects. I recently filmed for PilatesAnytime.com and I was so thrilled I had a couple hundred practices in front of the camera!

How often do you post on YouTube?

I post new content on Tuesdays and Fridays. I usually film once a month. I pick exercises I see are missing in my line up or that have been requested.

How has having a presence on YouTube helped you with your business?

I have met many Pilates instructors through Youtube and it has helped them put a face and voice to my blog content. I write blogposts for Pilates instructors and soon to be instructors and have loved how YouTube has created a path towards my content because it helps them rock their business.

How long have you been on Youtube for?

I started filming regularly for YouTube in the winter of 2014. It has been interesting to see how I have changed along the way as well. My hair has become longer and I am so much stronger! I started filming about a month after coming back from a broken leg. Over the years you can see that my body has comeback from the injury better than it was before I was injured!

How would you describe your youtube aesthetic?

I have never really thought about this but if I had to answer I would hope that it was Authentically me and authentically Pilates

You are very authentic Lesley! You are so natural in front of the camera.

How do you set up for a shoot?

We have a tripod and a filming app that we use to help with lighting consistency. We make sure all of our phones are on airplane mode and that the air conditioning is off. We try to film mostly at night when traffic is lighter as the studio is on a busy street.

How do you get your videos to be viewed?

My following is growing everyday and when I drop a new video they are all notified first! Then I make sure to schedule the videos on my Facebook page for clients. I also pick 3 each month and put them in my newsletter. I think most people find them organically though using keyword searches.


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