The juicy foot work out

This spring put a spring in your step with the invigorating Juicy Foot Work Out.

Finding the perfect exercise for someone is a great feeling. Be inspired by these feet treats, strengthening dropped arches, stretching stiff feet, and straightening poor big toe alignment caused by bunions. Practical and easy to incorporate into your day. It is great for you and your clients. So what are you waiting for? Put your best foot forward and get those feet moving!

1. ANKLE CIRCLES – Standing up all day on a concrete floor? You need to do ankle circles lying flat on your back or even with your feet up against a wall. This will free up the ankle joint and increase circulation as well as working the muscle, ligaments and tendons surrounding the ankle joint.

2. CATERPILLAR – Dropped arches from sport or standing all day? Put a small towel on the floor and with your bare feet using your toes curl the towel towards you as if your toes are caterpillar scrawling along. Reverse, pushing the towel away.

3. THE MEXICAN WAVE – Standing – lift up just the big toe, then all the little toes, then from big toe to little and reverse. Then like a Mexican wave at the football pick one toe up then the other rolling from big toe to little and then reverse.

Taube Pilates - foot exercise

4. POINT AND FLEX – Pull the toes back flexing the ankle joint, point the toes. Remember to do this with all your legs in straps exercises as well as side lying work. Or simple use a TheraBand to assist with resistance over the foot.

Taube Pilates foot exercise with the TheraBand

5.FLASH DANCERS – Walk through your feet. Lift up to your toes and then bend one knee to reach the other foot down to the floor.

6.CHERRY PICKING – Lying on your back. Imagine you are picking cherries off a cherry tree with your toes and then dropping them into your mouth.  Long toes, they curl over to pick the cherry, keep holding the cherry with the toes as you flex the ankle joint back towards you, keep the ankle flexed as you lengthen out the toes.  Point the foot with long toes as you return to start.

7.  TENNIS BALL CALF RAISERS – Standing holding a tennis ball between the ankles holding onto a wall for support so you don’t fall over. Use the tennis ball to assist with ankle placement when doing your chin ups with the PTB on the Caddie.

Taube Pilates calf raisers with the tennis ball

8. PLAY SPORT – But check that your shoes are cushioned enough, and flexible in the sole.

9. FOOT ROLLS – Great for plantar fasciitis, roll out the ball of your foot with a tennis ball, golf ball, or massage ball. Better still freeze a cylinder shape and roll out your foot over the ice.  Gently stretch the calves as well.

Taube Pilates spikey ball roll

10. BUNION BUSTERS – Place one piece of elastic over one big toe and connect it to the other, pull enough tension between the toes with the elastic to straighten out the alignment of the big toes.  Press down one toe and than the other, then both at the same time. Do circles in the same direction and then the opposite direction. This will straighten out the alignment of the toes but it will not get rid of the bunion. Try using the elastic when doing footwork or legs in straps to maintain the alignment of the toes.


11. FOOT PRESSES – Sitting with your toes resting on weighing scales and the ball and heel of the foot on a block to be the same height as the scales. Press the scales with the toes – how much tension can you create in the scales?

12. PICK UP STICKS – Pick up a pencil or a stick with your toes, hold for seven counts and put it down. Repeat seven times.

13. BUSINESS CARD MOVERS – Place a business card between the big toe and second toe. Lift the card up and down flexing and pointing the foot keeping the card in place.  Repeat between each of the toes along the foot.

14. MARBLES – Spill a bunch of marbles on the floor. Pick up each one and place back into the container.

15. TIDY YOUR BEDROOM – If your clothes are lying all over the bedroom floor, pick up each item piece by piece with your toes. Put in the washing machine and turn it on.

16. REFLEXOLOGY – Different parts of the foot reflect different parts of the body. You can think of this when doing your footwork as to which parts of the foot are placed on the bar. The ball of the foot reflects the heart and lungs, the arch of the foot the kidneys, pancreas, spleen and gall bladder, the heel of the foot reflect the lower back, hip/knee, ankle/foot. So it makes sense that people with back, hip and knee issues place their heels onto the bar. This also takes out an extra joint of the ankle (and therefore easier to stabilize) and reduces the length of the lever so generally is the best position for people with knee issues.

17. TOES WRAPPING  – This is my favourite in the footwork position on the Reformer, Caddie, and Chair for strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot. With those toes wrapped you can’t help but to feel those arches working!

18. FOOT POSTURE – When standing, the weight of the body should fall between the ball of the big toe, the ball of the little toe and the centre of the heel. Remember this when doing your scooter and side splits on the Reformer,  standing leg press and lunges on the Chair, and standing arm springs on the Caddie.

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