How to clean Pilates equipment

How to clean Pilates equipment properly

I am often asked how do I clean my Pilates equipment and the Pilates studio.

Let me tell you.

Do not use chemical cleaners on the upholstery! Vinyl will lose its’ colour dry out and crack with using any type of essential oil, vinegar, or detergent. The best cleaning product I have found for regular wipe downs after each client is to spray with water via a fine mist spray bottle, wipe down with ENJO dust glove to get rid of sweat, skin oils, dandruff, hair, and beauty products for skin and hair, followed by drying off with ENJO miracle cloth to rid the equipment of any possibility of bacteria or fungi spores. This is such an awesome way to clean for me! Fast, chemical free and sparkling! I am not breathing in toxic cleaning chemicals, and for my clients – their skin is not about to absorb cleaning chemicals when they next lie down to rebalance their body!

The ENJO dust glove and miracle cloth can be used on the woodwork, reformer runners, foot bar, Caddie uprights and push through bar, chair handles and pedal, and the ladder barrel. I use these cloths for frequently handled items such as the hand weights, push up handles, ankle weights and everything on, and including, the small props shelves. Cleaning is essential for maintaining a high level of hygiene, especially with so many people using the equipment, and the ENJO products have delivered the best results by far. You can see and feel how clean the surfaces are. They actually look brand new!

When I clean the runners on the reformer I also clean the wheels with the miracle cloth by sitting on the carriage (no springs on) and holding the cloth on the wheel and track while I slide out – so the cloth doesn’t get caught. This cleaning routine keeps the reformer tracks running smoothly with that luxurious glide that feels so decadent. Also by keeping the equipment clean it holds its resale value and will last longer too.

I am lucky I have wooden floors, as carpet would not be fun to clean. I had a wool rug at one point and it was constantly shedding bits of wool fibre and I was always sneezing! I have a little NEATO vacuum cleaner that switches on automatically and zips around the studio almost every day and vacuums the entire space. This is effortless and keeps Jessie’s cat hairs from turning into little tumble weed like dust balls that float around the studio. I empty the dust compartment daily into the worm farm – those little buggers love house dust and cat hairs and I love the worm tea they produce for the citrus trees and chilli plants.

I clean the mirrors with ENJO outdoor window tool and miracle cloth for the extra sparkle. This was a gift from a valued client and one I love so much! It has cut the time it takes to clean the mirrors by at least half and I am not using or breathing in any chemicals whatsoever (nor are my clients) The shine is awesome. My hands are not cracking with drying chemical cleaning agents. There are no streaks or suds – all that is left is a gleaming surface! I love it!

The only other tool I use for cleaning is the KARCHER steam cleaner. Awesome on all bathroom and kitchen surfaces and fun to use! Chemical free and great for the sinuses! Very occasionally I will give the metal surfaces on the Caddie, Chair and Reformer a steam clean – not good for wood but ok on the vinyl.

Jessie #thepilatescat appreciates my choice to use non-chemical cleaners too – she no longer runs out of the studio when I use a spray bottle (as it is just water). Her paws will not come into contact with chemical cleaned surfaces and she won’t be licking chemicals from her perfect paws. We all breathe much easier.

I remember one time there was a fly in the studio. I don’t believe in pesticides as these are just poison in a bottle, so I used my window cleaner to take this little bugger down. It killed him! So if my cleaning products are just as toxic as pesticides then why am I using them? So glad I have made the change to non-chemical solutions for cleaning – my clients and the environment are happier too! 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about ENJO, please contact Laurel to book in a demo. Her number is 0409 301 903 – remember to mention that you heard about her through Taube Pilates! 😉

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