Home, work and holiday workouts

Five ways to keep you trim on your trip with workout and also toned at work and home


1. Carry on Caddie. Travel light with the versatile stretch band! Stretch band strength.

magic circle

2. Find the perfect exercise at a glance with these magic circle moves (coming soon).

breathing23. Pack your mat and take it to work or on holidays… Designed to stretch you out after sitting still for so long. Download by clicking here: Stretches

side_lying series

4. Bid Bon voyage to flab and aloha to tight abs and toned thighs. The side lying series of six.

clams5. Best for bad backs this boatload of moves is a great way to keep you stable, strong and toned and makes quick work of your exercise needs. (coming soon)

Book in for a session and I will design a personalised program for your scenic holiday or your own self-mastery. Your body deserves it!

Pen your progress and inspire yourself to be better than ever as you see yourself achieve your goals.

Remember to get the most out of your Pilates sessions you must come to the studio twice per week and practice two more times at home.

Book in now!

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