Going Live!

Live video is such a challenge for me. Usually whatever I post is storyboarded, muddled over, carefully developed, practiced, crafted with lighting, filmed, edited, re-filmed, uploaded.

I am so nervous to go live! These questions spin around my head when I think about going live. Who is going to watch me. What if no one tunes in at all? Are they going to like me? What am I going to do and say?

I am curious and hope you will like what I have to offer! My aim is to inspire, inform and entertain.

The first topic is on knee strengthening and stability. This topic is close to my heart as Pilates really helped me through a knee injury. Towards the end of my dance career, I injured my knee. It hurt to bend and would sometimes catch so that I couldn’t straighten it. Sometime it would lock out or simply give way under my weight. If you listen to my knee today, you can hear the crepitice creeping in. If you place your hand on my knee, you can feel it grinding as a flex and extend the joint.

So first I will give a little mat work out around strengthening the knee, and then talk a little about Pilates and it’s role in knee stability.

I love to get a little time in my studio to work out by myself. It makes me feel so connected to my inner world. It is my private time to commune with my body.

If you have any questions about working with the knee please email me so I can prepare an answer, otherwise please ask during the live session. Have you ever hurt your knee? What did you do about it? How do you maintain your knee stability? Please let me know what specifically you are interested in about the knee.

Please share with your freinds, leave a comment on facebook or instagram, and I will give you a shout out during my live session!

If you want a topic please let me know via this little survey. Survey for Going Live!

Hope I don’t stuff up! See you May 3.

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