Goals for 2017

Here are my health and business goals for 2017.

If you’re a goal-setting junkie like me (or if you just want some accountability!) please do share yours in the comments below.

I love this time of year as it allows us to give pause to think about what direction we want to take for this new year.

I’ve split them into different sections. Hopefully that will also help you see which might apply to your situation! These are not in order of importance, just numbered for ease of reference.

(1)   taubepilates.com Studio

Continue to serve the local community with Pilates classes in person and international community with online classes, focusing primarily on improving physical health and wellbeing. There will be more classes on my timetable, video workouts on my Youtube channel and social media updates on Taube Pilates, and I will continue to share my own journey along the way.

  • I am committed to post one new Pilates Video each week on Youtube. So that is 52 videos this year. Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting my Youtube channel.
  • I am also planning to update my website and maintain a blog each week.
  • I am committed to doing more Skype and Facetime classes as well as making more private personalized videos for my clients in Australia and overseas, at least one per month.
  • I am committed to making Active Ageing Business in collaboration with Betty Cerasiotis a viable business stream.

 (2) Build my Australian Pilates Classes Online business stream and publish some gorgeous classes and print manuals for teachers and pilates enthusiasts

I’ll be writing more about the Australian Pilates Classes Online in the coming months. Yes, this is another brand, but an important part of the growing business.

  • Launch new website for the Australian Pilates Classes Online aimed at Pilates enthusiasts, and teachers worldwide.
  • Upload a new video once a week
  • Connect with over 1000 people in 2017
  • Create real emotional connections so that Pilates practitioners are compelled to attend live workshops and events
  • To create a legacy library that if I die that everything I have learned about Pilates and business, I have passed onto the next generation
  • Become involved with the world of online Pilates such as Pilates Anytime.
  • Learn how to use Createspace for Amazon Print-On-Demand sales of Pilates Manuals. This will be my first full year attempting to get to grips with the physical distribution side of things.
  • Include videos of other awesome Pilates teachers in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

(3) Taube Pilates Teacher Training

  • Launch new teacher training specific website, AustralianPilatesTeachers.com. For years I’ve been moaning that my teacher training falls between the gaps of APMA and PAA. So now I’ve decided to leverage this gap instead and build a destination website for PILATES TEACHERS featuring the types of exercises, training methods, and insights that I do and love … and yes, it will also feature my books, courses and online classes.
  • Do more live speaking at conferences and local Councils.
  • Collaborate with Karen Jeffels on Find Your Wings.
  • Mentoring in a paid capacity
  • Register courses with CEC’s.

(4) Mental and physical health

Happy and healthy in 2017!


  • I will maintain a more structured physical exercise schedule for a hot Pilates body in 2017. I am planning to do this by making time with friends and family to work out on a regular basis, as well as Youtube classes.
  • I am planning to avoid using chemicals on my hair and hands.
  • To care for my hands more including wearing gloves for gardening and housework as well as moisturising after contact with water.
  • I am planning to drink less alcohol, sugary foods, and chocolate.
  • I would like to plan my meals ahead so that there is always something healthy in the fridge to eat. Try out one new recipes per week and become a confident cook.
  • I would like to use my bicycle more so will get this up and running for this year. I have scheduled two times per week for cycling.
  • Commit to give myself a home facial, manicure/hand treatment (no nail polish) and hair mask once a week on a Friday.
  • Less take away foods, even if they appear healthy, it is hard to know what is really in them.


  • Plan to do something active outside of Pilates at least once per month such as doing a dance class, gardening, going to the beach, river or mountain. Visiting a park, garden, farm or library.
  • I want to read (listen to) more books via audible subscription and also hiring from the library. This will be one book per week.
  • Learn a new language through audio books – perhaps Indonesian!
  • Catch up with a friend once per week
  • I plan to meditate each night and each afternoon
  • Attend a conference(s), workshop(s) or course(s)
  • Maintain a gratitude journal each night. Jot down 4 things I am grateful for from that day, last thing at night and then list to do’s for the following day.
  • Increase knowledge in specific areas that interest me.
  • Avoid toxic people – gossips, negative people, controlling people, takers rather than givers.
  • Spend more time with motivated, inspiring and fun people.
  • Develop new Pilates repertoire to cater to the changing needs of my clients and keep me stimulated and excited about the endless possibilities of this awesome movement form.

(5) Income goals

This year I will be expanding various business streams and I’m aiming to double my income. Of course, money is just one measure of success but I want to continue to prove that this path is a viable life choice and I’ve always been ambitious.

In order to do this, I will focus on the same aspects that have worked in the last year:

  • Creating more products and exploiting intellectual property rights – books in various formats, foreign rights sales and other rights exploitation, plus expanding distribution to more retailers and countries
  • Building my email list for Taube Pilates to 1000 as the size of the audience directly impacts my income through the various books, products and services I offer
  • Learn how to use paid advertising to drive traffic to both products and email list signup. Implement this learning.
  • I’ll be more regular with my content marketing, with more guest posts from various Pilates Youtubers and Pilates Professionals alike. I’ll also be using a more advanced SEO strategy to attract people to specific content, and implementing an exit-pop-up to capture more emails and also to direct people to affiliate products.

Clearly, I have a massive year ahead – but please remember, I do this full-time as my living, my income, my passion, my job and my hobby. I love, love, love everything that I do.

You will likely have a whole load of other goals for 2017 and I would love to hear about them below in the comments. You can also use this as a form of accountability and we can look back together at the end of 2017. Your goal may be to start your own Pilates studio,  double your client base or increase the number of classes you teach as a freelance instructor/contractor. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, as we are all traveling our own paths.

Please join me for “Find Your Wings” workshop where Karen Jeffels and myself will guide you through setting your Pilates Business Goals for 2017.

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