Customer Relationships

Taube Pilates, push through bar


We value good customer relationships, which is why good customer service is important to us. If you are happy and satisfied with your session, then please let others know, and help us to grow our business.

Our relationship with you is a very important aspect of our business. You are what allow us to get a pay cheque every month, thus it is key to make sure that you are at the top of our priority list.

We will treat you with care, as friends, and not just a business deal.

You are always right (okay this isn’t always true, but catering to your every need is a must).

We will always go out of our way to give you individualised attention (every person is different and has different needs – we will cater to you individually)

Please communicate with us, tell us your body problems, we will try to find the perfect exercise solution.

The practiced art of communication coupled with patience and understanding is our way to provide great customer service. When we provide great customer service, we feel awesome! We trust you feel the same. Let’s work on making your body stronger, and more resilient together. We will focus on helping you to restore your body, strengthen and invigorate you through your pilates sessions.

We want you to feel better and to see the awesome results with regular pilates sessions. If you are satisfied and happy with our service please, let your friends and family know about us! Let us help you achieve your pilates fitness goals. We value you and want to build a lasting customer relationship with you through all stages of your life and changes to your body.

We will bend over backwards to make you happy!