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If you are interested in contributing a blog please let me know!

Editorial mission:

  • Our editorial mission is to provide expert level insights and cutting edge information that will help our readers advance the conversation around Pilates as well as advance their skills to new levels of success
  • We look for posts that address the needs of experienced pilates practitioners who are freelance or studio owners
  • Posts should be focused on Pilates principles, techniques, tools and processes that Pilates instructors need to become familiar with to be successful

Editorial guidelines and examples:

editorial mission


If you decide you would like to contribute an article, kindly let me know an approximate time frame so I can get you on the radar to follow up. By giving me a date I promise I won’t stalk you and you can adjust the date as needed as I realise priorities shift. If you have an questions or would like additional information on anything please feel free to reach out to I look forward to working with you!

If you want to run any ideas by us please contact Louise on 0413 882 726


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