2016 Taube Pilates Video Challenge week three

Today’s clip in the # 2016 Taube Pilates Video Challenge is all about finding your aesthetic – from camera angles to outfits and exercises. I believe that you are able to make even more insightful clips that are beautiful and packed with all your experience. So if you’re looking to change current pilates clip routine or start making clips – I tried to cover a little more on all the elements that make up a shot. Being able to frame and take an awesome photo is one step closer to making amazing video clips. Train your eye the same way you train your body.

I also introduce you to youtube editor, so if you don’t have a mac computer or final cut pro here is another way to edit!

Thank you to the always lovely Laura Colter and Lift Pilates for being so onto all the challenges so far! Check out her channel and please show her some love!


Thanks to Classical Pilates Centre for letting me share his clips on the facebook group Pilates + Film = Love (No he didn’t pay me, I reached out to him because I think he is awesome! )

Classical Pilates Centre and Kirk Smith

Here is the link that details how to make a slide show in youtube editor:

Here is a link to one of my Pinterest boards:

Here is an example of a slideshow made in youtube editor;

Looking forward to seeing you work so much! I’ve been to Queensland to visit my parents and working on a little clip about them. Discovering their strength and insight into the world and being inspired by them and I can’t wait to share with you when I put it all together.


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