2016 Taube Pilates Video Challenge week one

Welcome to week one of the 2016 Taube Pilates Video Challenge! I cover everything in this blog from buying an ideas diary, to brainstorming location, shot size, angles, and storyboarding.

If you missed the introduction here it is:

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♥ Remember to use the hashtag: #2016taubepilatesvideochallenge

♥ A big thank you to the Australian Pilates Method Association for asking me to present at the 2016 conference, Return to Life. I look forward to answering all your questions at the conference!

♥ This video series will help you to get your video ideas up onto youtube, facebook and your website without being overwhelmed.

I have a task for you Tuesday through Saturday. I just want you to spend 15 minutes no more and please don’t skip ahead. Just work on that particular task, and that way, we can get a lot done in 15 minutes but it won’t feel overwhelming.

On Tuesday I want you to buy journal to document your video ideas. This will be in paper form because you will need to draw and put diagrams in it. This is a book where you put all of your video concepts. Start filling this diary with your ideas for little movies you can put up onto your youtube channel, facebook, or website. Everyone can do this. I would love you to take a picture of your diary and post it on instagram if you feel comfortable and if you use instagram. I will link my instagram below and we will use the hastag #taubepilatesvideochallenge and we can hold each other accountable and encourage each other.

On Wednesday start writing in you diary. If you have a burning idea for a movie on the Caddie of how to “do the walkover” or if you have a story you want to share. Write your ideas down. Just spend 15 minutes writing in your journal. Just write down as many ideas for short movies as you can as fast as you can.

On Thursday Think about where you would like to film your ideas. Is it on the beach? In the Pilates studio? At the park? In your lounge room. Draw a picture of the space in your journal and the equipment you will be using. Draw a rectangle and pace within it a subject  and the equipment (if you are using equipment). This is the angle and shot size to use that will best capture your exercise.

Divide Friday’s page into 6 rectangles. In each rectangle put in a different angle and shot size to describe the action taking place. Make notes at the bottom of each square to describe the action in detail.

On Saturday draw a map of the space and put in little markers of where you imagine the camera to be placed to capture the action.

I hope you all enjoyed doing these tasks. I hope it felt very manageable. Be on the lookout for next Tuesdays video because we will be doing some more work towards making your movie.

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